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The Getting Things Done (GTD) Way of Dealing with Stress

by Owen on February 25, 2008

There are two simple ways to have a more productive and happier life.

1. Take the controllable stressors out of your life

2. Eat the foods that are right for your body

I said simple–not necessarily easy.

Let’s look at the first one:

I have managed to eliminate or certainly get to manageable levels, the source of most stress for most knowledge workers, which is basically getting everything out of my head and managing externalized systems so that my extended brain is kept pretty intact and current.

David Allen the founder of Getting Things Done (GTD), interview with the Web Daily Worker blog

In this post, David Allen offers his personal stress reducers, which I highly recommend. Also, check out his GTD system to manage your information overload.

As for Number 2, eating right, Allen mentions Eat Right for Your Type, a diet/nutritional book that teaches how to choose food based on your blood type. As strange as this might seem, it works. I have tweaked my diet to fit my blood type for 10 years. From the start, I had more energy. After what I experienced for myself, I have recommended this approach to over a hundred clients. Those who adopted it saw improvements in allergies and their energy levels.

So it’s really very simple: reduce your stress by keeping your body happy, and your mind clear. With the tools listed above, that’s as simple as it sounds.

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